Making some Sloyd hooks today. My mistake was choosing a scrap of hard Maple. I’m getting a workout. #handtoolschool

Finished my fly rod/reel box! I’ll soon post a “how it was made” article, for posterity.

Fly rod case coming together. I’ll do the inside parts next. #handtoolschool

Been out of the shop for awhile, so decided I better start with some practice half blind dovetails before doing it on my real project.

Some ugly bass bugs to try out this weekend. #notfoundinnature

Well, I’d say my first try at a mitered dovetail was almost there, but not quite. The miter didn’t close up well on one side. Really interesting joint though.

Morning practice. Pin side of a mitered dovetail cut on some scrap wood. So far so good. #handtoolschool

Made a lot of progress on the bow saw today – hope to finish it up tomorrow. My hands are cramping up from all the filing. Really enjoying my Auriou rasps, worth the $$ for sure

Dry fit shelf, just need to decide what to do with the top because it’s a bit bland. Looking for excuses to use my new veritas combo plane, so maybe a bead along the front?