The Hieroglyph Project

Here’s a new project from Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination, inspired by a 2011 call to action from Neil Stephenson. What’s the Center for Science and Imagination, you ask? Bruce Sterling explains it well in a 2012 Wired article. The goal of the Hieroglyph Project is to rekindle the spirit of…… Continue reading The Hieroglyph Project

Viewing Big History with ChronoZoom

Cell Size and Scale visualization from the University of Utah, the Scale of the Universe visualization from Cary and Michael Huang, and the Universcale from Nikon. A new entrant in the field called ChronoZoom ups the ante. You have to see it for yourself. It’s a really impressive visualization (HTML5) tool that explores Big History. The…… Continue reading Viewing Big History with ChronoZoom

Information Overload

Back at the end of December, I was happily surfing through a few of the ‘Best of 2010’ and ‘2011 predictions’ articles put forth by pundits, bloggers, etc., when a post on data prediction by Josh Jones-Dilworth caught my attention. The author outlines five data-driven trends to look for this year. His last point struck…… Continue reading Information Overload