First corner complete on my fly tying box. Still debating what kind of panel I’ll make for the bottom. #handtoolschool

Completed a new shelf: top and bottom shelves with sliding dovetails, two middle shelves with stopped dadoes. Shiplap back panels. This was quite a challenge for me using only #handtools and happy with how it came out. #handtoolschool

Installed my new @benchcrafted plane stop today. Really like it, worth the effort. #handtoolschool

Finished the saw vise. It holds a saw tight, but haven’t tested it with sharpening. Need to set up a station away from my workbench for that. #handtoolschool

Making progress on a saw vise. The jaws are hard maple, adding inner bevels to fit backsaws. Hope to finish tomorrow. #handtoolschool

I completed my new saw til. Here it is. #handtoolschool

I swear it looked good at THD, but this wide poplar had some pretty bad cupping to eradicate. Took me an hour to flatten two pieces this size. #handtoolschool

Lights are back on in the shop after more than a week of no woodworking. I’ve missed it. Finally starting the saw til build this weekend … But first need to go get some 12″ wide poplar. #handtoolschool