Bear’s Head Tooth

Found this clump of Bear’s Head Tooth mushroom today on the C&O canal near Brunswick, Maryland. Over two pounds! We ate about a third of it for dinner. What a find.

The Living Earth iOS AP is underrated.

Setting up a new Synology NAS is no easy task. Amazing appliance.

And another take on subscription apps.:

Good perspective on Ulysses decision:

The increasing number of subscription apps just means we consumers need to make some hard choices about what we really need. I’m experimenting with Bear now. Apple Notes, while free, isn’t for me. We’re lucky to have so many good choices.

I paid for the Ulysses desktop and iOS apps a long while ago. I’m fine with their new subscription model and respect why they went in this direction. I don’t think it’s for me, however. It led me to evaluate my needs.

I came across this sticker today. Got me thinking about the hope I felt for our nation in 2008. And now, in 2017…