Time to pay for Things

Things from Cultured Code will be officially unveiled at Macworld Expo in one week. Today, Things 1.0 Release Candidate hit the streets.

I’ve been using this app for a long time now. It feels like it’s been in Beta forever. I am grateful that I’ve had the chance to use it for free for so long, and now I’m ready to plunk some money down.

That Things took so long to reach 1.0 (it was originally slated to come out last Spring) speaks volumes about the care and attention placed into creating this app. If you want to get a sense for how much care and attention we’re talking about, check out the blog entries chronicling the development process.

In short, if you’ve never used it, try it out. If you find it as useful as I do and also own an iPhone or Touch, consider getting the mobile version as well. The syncing is flawless.

Things is one of the most elegant and polished apps that I’ve used. It promises to be a well-deserved hit.


  1. I couldn’t agree more.

    I use Things on both my desktop andd my iPhone, for everything to do with my work and my personal life – I simply couldn’t function without it.

    I’m a huge fan of anything that genuinely helps with my productivity, but few apps are genuinely helpful. The best thing about Things is how utterly obvious every aspect of the app is – it’s obvious because some people have clearly spent a huge amount of time and effort making it as simple as possible, whilst also remembering that life is anything but simple.

    Things has taken the essence of David Allens’ GTD system, and instead of slavishly copying it, has focused on the 20% of things that people spend 80% of thier time on, and made those perfect. I don’t miss the ‘missing’ bits of GTD at all, and in fact I’ve now simplified my own way of using GTD, to match Things’ total focus on just what is important.

    Genius, pure simple genius.

  2. Things is great, but it lacks a couple of things I need:

    1. Syncing across multiple Macs.
    2. Nested projects.

    Right now I’m using OmniFocus. But I fell in love with Things while testing it. When they add the syncing capability, I’ll switch. (And hope they add nested projects soon after…)

  3. I too have been using Things for quite some time, and call me tight, but I found the price a little steep ($80 AUD). I’m leaving it in read-only mode for a while, while I trial Evernote to replace it. I’ve been using both. I like to be as streamlined as possible so if I can get one app to do both…well, I’ll let you know how it goes.

    There’s no doubt. Things is really, really well designed.

  4. I plunked down my cash when it hit 1.0 and took advantage of the discount.. Well worth the money on my end — although I would have liked to see some nod towards the fact that I also bought the iPhone app as well.. My only problem with how things work currently is the multi-mac lifestyle I lead (work needs to be work; personal needs to be personal), and am really looking forward to seeing multiple mac synching.

    ps — Your review of information organizers led me to your blog, and found that your “series of 7 reviews” top page link is not to be found.. I’d love to read more of your reviews, as I am currently on the fence between Yojimbo and DEVONthink.. Found Yojimbo, NICE writeup, tx for that!

  5. Yeah, I would have liked a tiny discount too for an iPhone/desktop combo for Things. Multiple syncing would be a great next step for the app. Sorry about the ‘7 reviews’ link. It’s a project I’ve been trying to get back to for, um, a year now. I do hope to get back to the organizer reviews next month after I complete a few work projects that are eating up my time and energy.

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