QIDO: Hardware Qwerty to Dvorak converter

KeyGhost, and it’s called QIDO. That’s short for Qwerty-In > Dvorak-Out > Portable USB Adapter.

I’ve been testing out the QIDO for several weeks now on Mac and PC platforms. Here’s how it works from a user perspective. It’s a small plastic device with male and female USB connectors. To set it up, you plug your USB keyboard into the female end of the QIDO, and plug the male end of the QIDO into a computer USB slot. Then you pull up any text editor and type ‘keydvorak’ to bring up a simple configuration menu (see above image) which allows you to choose from Dvorak Standard, Dvorak-Qwerty, Single Handed Left, or Single Handed Right. After you go through this configuration, you really don’t need to do it again. If you want to temporarily switch back to Qwerty, simply hit the ‘Num-Lock’ key (PC) or ‘Clear’ key (Mac) twice in quick succession. Do this again to toggle back to your chosen keyboard layout.

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  1. You mention that QIDO will not work with wireless keyboards. Are you talking about the bluetooth keyboards? I could swear that I’ve plugged a USB transceiver or two into my QIDO and it worked.

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