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Three Day Panic Sale

Just in case you haven’t heard, Panic software is offering all of their applications at a 50 percent discount through 11:59 Pacific, May 29th.

The folks at Panic make some of the best software out there for the Mac, so it’s worth checking out. I’m a huge fan of Transmit, their FTP client. I think of Transmit daily when, at work, I’m uploading files using the notably inelegant WS_FTP Pro.

What could be so exciting about an FTP tool? The answer to that gets at why Panic is so well-respected: Transmit—not unlike Panic’s other apps—is elegant, simple to use, and beautifully designed. It’s the kind of app I like to show people who wonder what I mean when I say ‘it’s very Mac-like.’ It’s a steal at the discounted price of $14.50.

You can also pick up Coda (a slick all-in-one web development tool) for $50, CandyBar (a tool to easily customize your icons and dock) for $14.50, and Unison (a Usenet reader that’s so pretty it makes me wish I cared about the Usenet) for $12.