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MacUpdate launches new bundle

Drive Genius: Well-regarded tool to save a dying hard drive, fix a corrupted one, or to keep a disk optimized. Once you download this app, you can create a fully-legal bootable disc. I own one copy of DiskWarrior. Looking forward to compare and contrast these two tools.

* RapidWeaver: Already own two copies of this excellent web creation tool. Hoping to gift this license. RW now costs $80, so this is a good deal.

* Default Folder X: A superior open/save tool for the Mac with seamless integration. I’ve wanted this for quite a long time.

* VirusBarrier X5: My wife is going to use this on her laptop. You get a year of virus updates with it. I use the free ClamX AV, occasionally.

* MacGourmet Deluxe: This one is going to my spouse. There are many positive reviews for this app. Not sure why it’s called ‘Deluxe,’ since there are no other MacGourmet offerings (i.e. non-Deluxe).

* Little Snitch: Great tool to manage/monitor outgoing network activity. I own a multi-user license of this for all my Macs. Hoping I can gift this or give it away on this site.

* iVolume: Never heard of it, but I’ve found that I generally like German-made Mac software. Might be useful. This tool corrects the volume levels for your iTunes songs so that all play at the same level. Suprisingly, this feature is not built into iTunes.

* KeyCue: A tool to help you find, learn, and remember menu shortcuts in all of your apps. Excellent aid for those who rely on keyboard shortcuts. Yes, I want this.

* MacPilot: Easy access to tons of terminal tweaks and optimizations for your Mac. Looking forward to trying this out. For those who buy the bundle, Koingo Software (developer of MacPilot and other apps) is offering a steeply discounted upgrade ($30) to their $100 ‘Utility Package,’ which includes free lifetime upgrades, and licenses to every application currently on their website. Not a bad deal.

* WhatSize: Allows you to see what files are eating up all of your disk space. Not sure if this will be any better than the free (donationware) tool I currently use (Disk Inventory X).

* iDive : This is an app from Aquafadas, a French company. Apparently it’s a video organizer. I’ll be curious to try it out. I love PulpMotion by these developers (a very unique app picked up in a previous bundle!). This one only goes to the first 10,000 bundle consumers (was originally the first 5,000, but was increased apparently).

The offer ends on Dec. 19. You can also choose to gift a bundle to someone else. You might have trouble accessing the site. It’s getting slammed with traffic right now.

The main question everyone is asking on the forums is about giving away licenses for the apps they already own or don’t want. The short answer is that you must either buy the whole bundle, or gift the whole bundle to one person. If you buy the bundle, you get licenses tied to your name. There would be nothing stopping you from giving away that license, I suppose. For the apps I’d like to give to others, I’m going to write to the developers to see if the registered name could be changed. I recall doing this with Parallels when it was offered in a previous bundle, and it worked.

Stay tuned for other apps over the holiday season. MacSanta may be coming soon. We may also soon see a new Macheist and another ‘Give good food 2 your Mac‘ bundle from Europe.

  1. Hi,
    The MacUpdate Holiday Bundle promotion actually began on Dec.4th. Currently they’re very close to 10,000 bundles, so by the time this is read by anyone I’d assume the iDive bonus app will no longer be available.
    Drive Genius addresses disk issues (primarily), while DiskWarrior is the benchmark app in addressing directory issues. It’s also not clear to me if Drive Genius does true disk optimization (a much bandied about term in this category of apps) like iDefrag.
    MacGourmet is from Advenio. MacGourmet Deluxe is distributed by Mariner Software as a premium combination of the basic MacGourmet app plus all of its add-ons. It’s great.
    The Give Good Food to your Mac Promotion has come and gone already. It had a nice broad selection of apps at up to 50% off.

  2. Ah, I went by the date I received my email notification. Thanks for the clarification on MacGourmet Deluxe. Now it makes more sense. I totally missed the Nov. Give Good Food to Your Mac promo. Damn.

  3. About MacGourmet, it seems the Deluxe version includes many plugins (nutrition, menu planner, …).

    And about iDive, I use it, and I find it quite useful. It’s a bit like MemoryMiner, for DV tapes.

  4. Hi Alan, MacGourmet is quite nice. My wife isn’t thrilled by it because she has hundreds of recipes scanned and in PDFs that she can’t readily import. I need to write to Mariner to suggest adding something akin to how Evernote does OCR. About iDive, it is quite nice. And about your abandonment of comments on your site, have you considered switching to WordPress? I find the spam blocking to be top-notch. No spam reaches me. I’ve only had one regular commenter get blocked by the filters so far on one post, which is better than dozens of spam posts getting through, I suppose.

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