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Things now at 0.9.6

Cultured Code’s Things continues to improve, and it continues to be in Beta.

At version 0.9.6, it remains my favorite task manager, and it’s better than ever.

With today’s update, Things adds an important new component: global searching. This much-requested feature makes it easy to quickly sort through your sea of tasks by tags, title, note, or all of the above at once. Search results pop up on the fly as you type.

The developers have also added a small button to the search results (which apparently has no name). I’ll call it the search context button. Here’s how it works: select an item from your search results, click this button, and you are presented with the context (or the original list/project) of that item. This will come in handy.

It would be nice, though, to have a ‘back’ button to return to search results for those times that you just want to peek at the associated items tied to a given task, and then wish to return to your search results.

You can still download the public Beta for free. Things will be officially launched at January’s MacWorld.

If you like it, consider signing up for their newsletter prior to the official launch for a 20 percent discount (you’ll be able to pick it up for $39; regular price will be $49).

If you’ve read my review of this app, note that many of the concerns I raised in that review have been met. I use it daily on my Mac and iPhone, and I like it.