Firefox 3 Nears Release, Delicious Add-on

Firefox 3 Firefox Release Candidate 3 is now out. It’s not a big update. In fact, there’s only one change. The nice thing is that one more of my favorite Firefox Extensions is now available for the new version of Firefox.

Delicious Bookmarks is a cool little add-on that allows you to quickly and effortlessly add new bookmarks direct to your account. It works great.

I’ve been using the Beta of Firefox 3 for about one month now. I made the switch to see what it looked like, then decided to stay with the Beta.

The downside is that some of my favorite add-ons are not yet ready for this new version. Still, I’ve stuck with it, primarily because it is vastly faster than Firefox 2.

Of my favorite add-ons, 1Password, Adblock Plus, Delicious Bookmarks, NoScript, StumbleUpon, and WebDeveloper all work with the current Firefox Beta. Those that do not yet work include Fasterfox, Firebug, Google Browser Sync, Stealther, and YSlow. Bear in mind this list includes only those add-ons I particularly like. If you’ve never checked out the hundreds of add-ons for Firefox, it’s worth your time and effort. There are some truly useful tools out there, and they are all free for you to install.

Out of all Firefox of the Firefox extensions out there, Delicious Bookmarks is surely one of the best. If you use Delicious, give it a try.

Now for the really important news: you can help Mozilla break the Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in a 24-hour period. Why not? Join the cause by pledging your intention to download Firefox 3 next Tuesday, June 17th — official launch day.

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  1. I used the addon in ff v2 and gave up on it. It just seemed to slow. Instead, I’ve used the posting bookmarklet, which is as lightweigh as lightweight can be.

    I know ff v3 is faster than v2 but I still thought the delicious addon was just too much. Plus, I don’t know what utility there is to having a local cache of everything I’ve posted at delicious.

    Either way, it’s very useful to be able to post on the fly.

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