Going Offline for One Week

I’m pulling the plug on my computer and TV this week. I’ve been challenged by my wife to join her in National “Turn Off Week” — an annual event tied to Earth Day.

I’m not trying to make a point about society’s dependency on all things electronic. Actually, I’m quite fond of electronic gadgetry. It’s more of an experiment to see how a week unplugged affects my life. Aside from that, my wife says I won’t make it…so I naturally have to do it now.

Of course, I’ll still need to use my computer at work. My pledge, though, is to not access anything of a personal nature from the office. This won’t be easy. At home, we’re going to try to minimize use of all things electronic. Should be interesting. Fortunately, we have some good books and board games. We also plan to spend more time outdoors.

I’ll return on Apr. 28 with the first post in a new in-depth series comparing Mac information organizers. I’d like to keep the comparison to a manageable level, so I plan to review a maximum of four apps. Right now, I’m leaning towards dissecting Evernote, Yojimbo, EagleFiler, and DevonThink. However, I’m still open to suggestions if you’d like to see a particular application included in the comparison showdown.

For the first post in this series, I’ll present a broad overview of what is offered on the Mac in this category, along with a bit of commentary. I’ll also finalize the selection of four apps.

That’s all for this week. Time to power down.


  1. Together is another extremely appealing information organizer; far more worthwhile for your comparison than Evernote, in my opinion. Evernote is interesting, but it fulfills an entirely different function than the other apps in that list (only collects images and text, but makes them available practically anywhere; other apps focus on organizing a wide range of stuff).

  2. One whole week? Wow, just think about all of those winning British lottery notifications you won’t receive and all those deposed African government officials who will now have to find other trusted friends to help them bring their millions into the U.S. You’re are not helping the Internet right now. Besides, books and the outdoors are overrated. RSS feeds and beta versions are what it’s all about!

    BTW, one more vote for Together.

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