More thoughts on my 16GB iPod Touch

I recently read an article about potential future growth in the iPod market centered around the Wi-Fi mobile platform introduced with the iPod Touch. Now that I have experienced Wi-Fi access in this great little handheld device, I could never go back. This is surely the future of handhelds.

I’m on week three with my new Touch, and I have to say I love it. The addition of the Mail, Notes, Maps, and Safari browser is fantastic. It’s utterly transformed how I use my iPod. I can’t wait to see what the independent Mac software community comes up with to make this even a better device once Apple releases the software development kit later this month.

However, there is one thing that really bugs me about my new iPod: the lack of tactile controls to play, pause, and change songs. With my old 3G iPod, I could plug it into my car stereo and change songs on the fly without looking at it. This isn’t possible now, and I’m told the iPod remote (with the built-in FM transmitter) doesn’t work with the Touch.

I’ve read that the iPod Nano Remote Control will work with the iPod Touch, but I mail-ordered a similar low-end remote before for my old iPod and it was cheap and flimsy. In fact, I ended up sending it back because it failed within a week. I need a good remote!

Now, following Apple’s announcement today, there is one more thing that bugs me about my Touch. I patiently waited for Macworld before I bought my iPod Touch explicitly to ensure Apple wasn’t about to launch an updated version with more memory. I have over 20GB of music alone. Alas, they didn’t announce anything new for the iPod line during the Expo, so I happily bought a 16GB model … confident that the next iPod Touch update would be far in the future (or at least several months away).

Now, less than three weeks after I buy my 16GB model, they announce a 32GB version for $100 more. Apple is surely aware that many people wait for Macworld before plunking down money on a new piece of Mac gear. Couldn’t they have announced this a few weeks ago during their biggest consumer show of the year? Perhaps this was a tactic to reduce their 8 and 16GB reserves. Geez. I could really use that extra space. Anyone want to buy a slightly used 16GB iPod Touch?


  1. I recently purchased a 16gb model, from my very kind brother-in-law, Brandon. And, aside from the capacity, there is nothing I don’t like about this new iPod. I thought browsing the internet would be more difficult than it is, but I really feel like Apple has done a tremendous job making the internet navigable on the 3.5″ screen. WiFi is the way of the future on mobile devices for sure. I find myself using it to check mail while I’m out, and even from home, when I don’t feel like cranking out my laptop. Also, it’s amazing how many places I go where I can find a Wifi signal. The iPhone doesn’t really seem like a realistic choice for women anyway. You’d be rubbing your greasy make-up face over it all day. And like you, my company provides me with a phone. So for free, I’d use just about anything, regardless of the lack of features. The only thing I’d like to see is a slot for adding your own memory, like a Palm device. But, then Apple couldn’t charge us to upgrade.

  2. That would be great to have a memory slot. I’d like to see an all-in-one voice recorder, radio receptor, RF transmitter. The voice recorder could double as a mouthpiece for Skype so we could use it as a phone (with our headphones on), the radio addition would just be nice to have, and the RF transmitter could be used for remote control. This would all be possible once those great third-party apps start flowing in June, of course. I agree about how useful it is: I really love checking my mail and the web w/o firing up the Mac. Interesting point about the iPhone for women, by the way! I hadn’t considered that.

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