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While you’re waiting … Macheist II

While I’m working on my task management application opus, here’s something to keep you interested. Macheist II started today. This year’s bundle initially didn’t do much for me, since I already have 1Password, AppZapper and CSSEdit (and I use iShowU instead of Snapz Pro X, so I’m already invested in this great and cheaper alternative) … but MacHeist just added Pixelmator to the line up. Now I may have to get this.

Why? I own Adobe Photoshop CS3. The license for CS3 allows one to install this package on two Macs, as long as both copies are not running at the same time. That’s great, but I own three Macs. I need to edit images on all of them. I’m intrigued by Pixelmator as a photo editing application that is both affordable and powerful. I want it, mainly so I can put it on my third Mac (an older laptop) AND because I think Pixelmator is going to be big – precisely because it’s cheap and it’s very robust (and Adobe’s Photoshop Elements for the Mac hasn’t been updated forever, leaving a big gaping hole for an independent consumer entry like Pixelmator). While I’m planning to add some Photoshop tutorials on this site, I’m very interested in posting some comparisons between Pixelmator and it’s much more expensive cousin.

By the way, if you don’t already have some of the applications featured in the MacHeist, this package is quite a good deal. CSSEdit is an outstanding application. I use it daily, and I frankly couldn’t live without it. If you edit Cascading Style Sheets routinely on a Mac, give this a try. A warning, though: if you’ve never edited a Cascading Style Sheet, you may find this application confusing. I learned CSS with a program called StyleMaster, which is a nice learning tool. However, the developers haven’t updated it in over a year. I lost hope.

AppZapper is nice, although there is a very nice free app that does the same thing (see AppDelete). Interesting to see TaskPaper here as I contemplate task manager applications. I’d like to give it a spin. Once I’m done looking at GTD-based task manager apps, I’d like to look at this as well as other non-GTD mac ‘to do’ list managers in comparison. TaskPaper looks to be a solid entry in this field, as does Anxiety. Finally, iStopMotion looks like a lot of fun if you ever wanted to try making your own stop motion film – what a cool way to use your built-in Mac video camera. As for 1Password, if you don’t own this … I strongly suggest you try it. I can’t imagine not having this handy password manager. MacHeist is offering a 25% charity donation if you buy the $49 bundle.

  1. What happens if you get a 4th Mac? Can you put either Pixelmator or CS3 on the new Mac? Legally?

  2. Hmm, a 4th Mac. That sounds like a good idea. A Pixelmator license is only good for one installation, and Adobe CS3 Photoshop can only be legally installed on two Macs in the same household, provided you don’t use the copies at the same time. So, assuming that Pixelmator is installed on my laptop and CS3 is one the other two desktop Macs, you would have to purchase another image editing application for the 4th Mac. If you did not wish to spend any more money,“ rel=”nofollow”>MacGimp is a free open source alternative.

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