You Control review (screencast)


Guest reviewer Brandon takes You Software’s You Control for a test drive in this screencast, prompted by the companies’ recent MacSanta discount offer. While the 20 percent discount is no longer available, you can still pick it up for ten percent off until Dec. 31.

His verdict: he says it potentially replaces four other applications he is currently using and is very intuitive and easy to use, but the application still has some rough edges. After sending this review, he sent a postscript along to say that he’s not convinced it would easily replace his addiction to QuickSilver. (The future of Quicksilver, though, may be in doubt).

My verdict? I don’t think I would use it much. I get the same basic functionality out of Launchbar, Newsfire, MagiCal, PathFinder, GrowlTunes, and 3D Weather Globe…and I really like these apps. I’m especially fond of Launchbar (to which I am going to write more about in the future). Like QuickSilver, it does so much more than just launch applications (it’s not free like Quicksilver, but that also means it’s future development is more secure). But back to You Control. I think we both agree that if you haven’t invested time and money into other programs and/or are not comfortably locked in to a workflow with other applications, You Control offers quite a few handy, well thought-out features in one convenient package. It’s also particularly nice if you like quick-access menus from the menu bar.