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Bad weekend

If you happened to stop by the weekend, you may have either not been able to access this site, or you could see it without any CSS styles. You may also note now that the site layout is a little screwy. The reason is that I had some big problems over the past 48 hours with my host. The problems were bad enough that I decided to change hosts.

I finally regained access to this site just a few hours ago. I immediately transferred all my wordpress files to my new host, miraculously managed to export my SQL database from the old and reimport it to the new host. Everything seems to be working, but I’m too tired to get my style sheet all back in order tonight (most of it is back in order, at least). You see, my styles were mysteriously erased on my old host … the CSS style sheet itself was still on the server, it was just devoid of all data. 0 kilobytes. So, I had to use the last styles I had, which were quite out of date (my fault). Long story short, View from the Dock is now ‘docked’ at Bluehost.

I should have everything back in order soon. I’m going to backup my remote files now!